Quick Facts

A clean aircraft exterior reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.

Aircraft appearance plays an important role in creating a favorable impression in passengers minds.

The importance of aircraft cleanliness extends beyond flight turnaround times. Proper landing-gear cleaning contributes to safety of an aircraft.

A clean interior minimizes odors and provides a relaxing atmosphere for passengers.

Exterior Detail Service

Exterior Detail Services

A mirror clean exterior gives an immediate impression of any corporate jet or aircraft and it is vital to select an aircraft service that understands the importance of image. We at Clean Wing Detail, Inc. offer a variety of exterior cleaning services ranging from pit-stop cleanings to complete turnaround detailing.

Exterior Detail Service:

  • Aircraft Wet Washing
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  • Complete Exterior Wet or Dry Wash
    Includes fuselage, wings, entepenage, under carriage, landing gear, gear wells, removal of fluid, hydraulic, and oil build up.
  • Quick Turn Service
    Perfect for the demanding pilot’s schedule or on the go touch-ups between deep cleanings. Removal of insect spots, oil streaking, exhaust/carbon trails, cleaning of windows & landing gear.
  • Aircraft Waxing
    Hand wax or machine buffing using a 2-step process. First is the cleaning and removing impurities such as aged wax, exhaust, lubricants and waxing tarnished surfaces. Second is that of polishing the freshly applied wax to a mirror-like shine.
  • Brightwork Polishing & Sealing
    Hand polish or pneumatic polishing consisting of a 3-step procedure.(1) Chemically stripping or cutting the polished surface to remove oxidation and impurities such as insect marks, scratches and water spots. (2) Finely polishing the surface to a mirror like appearance. (3) Chemically sealing the brightwork for maximum appearance and longevity.
  • Paint Aircraft Restoration & Polishing
    Machine buffing, dull or tarnished areas to remove oxidation and carbon build-ups, pneumatically polishing restored areas and sealing with an anti-soil barrier.
  • De-Ice Boots
    Chemically stripping aged dressing and applying fresh, high-gloss dressing.
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